Down By The River

Many of our childhood memories are rooted deep in our minds, only to spring forth when we least expect it giving us glimpsing moments of pleasure or even pain. I think about this often lately, as the pressures of everyday life weigh down on my shoulders. Often, I don’t even realize that I have gone to one of those deep places that have been seeded away awaiting for the light to spring forth and make itself known.

I often wear my hair back in a headband to keep my thick, wavy hair off of my face. My father has told me several times that this made me look just like his mother, Laura. I think about that often lately and of the memories I have of her and the house down by the river. They instill me with inspiration to clarify my existence, simply my life and explore new possibilities.

Please join me as I relive some of these memories, create new ones and use them as inspiration to better my life and yours.