Auction Night

Many years ago, I talked my late husband into taking me to an auction.  I was immediately hooked.  Although my job and health conditions do not allow me to go as often as I like, I do make it to one every now and then.  Tonight I went to a local auction.  Nothing spectacular, just everyday goods from everyday households.  Just what I like!  I rarely buy new anymore, choosing to buy used. This serves several purposes.

  • I save lots of money.
  • I buy things I normally wouldn’t buy. (This might be good, or bad…depends on how you look at it.)
  • I save things from landfills.
  • I gain satisfaction from the thrill of the find.
  • I make extra money.

Tonight I got several treasures.  An Oster Kitchen Center ($7), Bavarian dishes ($3), Mini tartlet pans made in Sweden ($4), a McCoy flowerpot ($5), an old Enterprise meat grinder ($4), a full length mirror ($1), and a wooden candle shelf ($1).

I love my iPhone and am an App junkie.  During the auction, I went to my eBay app and found that the Kitchen Center was a great buy. I will probably make at least $50 on it.  The tartlets will most likely fetch $10.  Unfortunately, the grinder is not selling on eBay right now, but I can always use it myself or sell it at my next yard sale.  People always ask me how I know what to buy to make a profit on eBay.  Part of it is instinct, some of it is having prior knowledge of an item.  To me part of going to the auction is paying attention to what people are bidding on and the price that they pay.  That is how I gain prior knowledge.  Another way is to have purchased or shopped for a like item and remembering the cost.  I divide that by two and set that as my max bid.   This way I double my money.  I only bid higher if I want to keep it for myself.  (You can also research the item on the eBay app and find out if it is selling and how much it is selling for.)

I have plans for the mirror and the shelf.  Look for a future post to see what I do with them.  I can’t wait!

Jelly Jars in the Bathroom

I have always loved jelly jars since I first saw my mother make crab apple jelly.  From the quilt like texture of the glass to their small, elegant size made them special in my mind.  So the other day I was at a mass retailer and bought a 12 pack of jelly jars on clearance.  My intention was to use them to make jalapeño jelly for the boys for Christmas.  I did this last year and it was a hit!  However, that plan went awry…here’s what actually happened to those jars.

Photo 2


I know I should have taken a “before” picture, but I rarely think about that until after the fact.   Just the same, I would have been too embarrassed to post a picture of that mess anyway! I decided to leave the rings or bands on the tops since they mimic the nickel finish on the hardware in the bathroom. I think it gives them a finished look that I quite like.

Medicine Cabinet


On the top shelf is my Netti Pot and salts. (If you have not used a Netti Pot before you don’t know what you are missing.  Maybe I’ll post on that someday.)  I used both the lid and the ring to keep the salt from clumping.   The next shelf holds a jar with all those little over-the-counter remedies that are always loose everywhere because the box collapsed.  (I take a fine point Sharpie and transfer directions and/or expiration date on the foil back if it isn’t printed there already.)  Then there is one for bandages and antibiotic ointment.

Photo 3Photo 8


On the bottom shelf, cotton swabs and balls dispense nicely from the open tops of the jars.  Eyeliner and mascara standing upright make it easy to choose what you want.  Toothpaste standing tall takes up much less space than laying across the shelf.

Photo 1Photo 6


And finally…even wide handled toothbrushes are at home in a jelly jar on the sink. Easier to clean than the old ceramic holder I had, this one can be thrown in the dishwasher to clean and sanitize.
I hope you enjoyed my medicine cabinet remake. I’m off to the store to get more jelly jars. Hopefully they will find jelly in them by Christmas!!

Down By The River

Many of our childhood memories are rooted deep in our minds, only to spring forth when we least expect it giving us glimpsing moments of pleasure or even pain. I think about this often lately, as the pressures of everyday life weigh down on my shoulders. Often, I don’t even realize that I have gone to one of those deep places that have been seeded away awaiting for the light to spring forth and make itself known.

I often wear my hair back in a headband to keep my thick, wavy hair off of my face. My father has told me several times that this made me look just like his mother, Laura. I think about that often lately and of the memories I have of her and the house down by the river. They instill me with inspiration to clarify my existence, simply my life and explore new possibilities.

Please join me as I relive some of these memories, create new ones and use them as inspiration to better my life and yours.