Auction Night

Many years ago, I talked my late husband into taking me to an auction.  I was immediately hooked.  Although my job and health conditions do not allow me to go as often as I like, I do make it to one every now and then.  Tonight I went to a local auction.  Nothing spectacular, just everyday goods from everyday households.  Just what I like!  I rarely buy new anymore, choosing to buy used. This serves several purposes.

  • I save lots of money.
  • I buy things I normally wouldn’t buy. (This might be good, or bad…depends on how you look at it.)
  • I save things from landfills.
  • I gain satisfaction from the thrill of the find.
  • I make extra money.

Tonight I got several treasures.  An Oster Kitchen Center ($7), Bavarian dishes ($3), Mini tartlet pans made in Sweden ($4), a McCoy flowerpot ($5), an old Enterprise meat grinder ($4), a full length mirror ($1), and a wooden candle shelf ($1).

I love my iPhone and am an App junkie.  During the auction, I went to my eBay app and found that the Kitchen Center was a great buy. I will probably make at least $50 on it.  The tartlets will most likely fetch $10.  Unfortunately, the grinder is not selling on eBay right now, but I can always use it myself or sell it at my next yard sale.  People always ask me how I know what to buy to make a profit on eBay.  Part of it is instinct, some of it is having prior knowledge of an item.  To me part of going to the auction is paying attention to what people are bidding on and the price that they pay.  That is how I gain prior knowledge.  Another way is to have purchased or shopped for a like item and remembering the cost.  I divide that by two and set that as my max bid.   This way I double my money.  I only bid higher if I want to keep it for myself.  (You can also research the item on the eBay app and find out if it is selling and how much it is selling for.)

I have plans for the mirror and the shelf.  Look for a future post to see what I do with them.  I can’t wait!


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